My name is Lee and I am the owner of Pens...Paper...Ink.  I live in Mareeba Queensland Australia.  Mareeba is a regional town an hours drive from Cairns. I actually grew up at a place called Yorkeys Knob which is a beach side suburb of Cairns, it was the best place.

I have two daughters, some ducks, some guinea pigs, some cats and a dog.  Its a circus at our house.  My hobbies are Calligraphy and Planning (not town planning). 

I have a Certificate 3 in Information Technology and a yet to be finished economics degree.  I have had a few jobs, the longest so far was being a Jillaroo.  I worked in banks, insurance agencies, banana farming and I owned a business washing dogs.  So I have done a lot but stationery has always been an obsession.

I got started in my business because I got sick and lost my job with an insurance agency.  Once I got better I thought that this was the opportunity to start working for myself with something I'm passionate about.  I love stationery and find it frustrating to find unusual even faintly different stationery in my area, so what better to do than source it and supply it to others.

If you would like to talk to me about anything penspaperink1@gmail.com


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