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My name is Lee and I am the owner of Pens...Paper...Ink.  I live in Mareeba Queensland Australia.  Mareeba is a regional town an hours drive from Cairns and I have found that for a lot of things we have had to go to Cairns to purchase what we want. 

I started this business firstly because it has been my lifelong dream to own a stationery store and secondly I want to be able to provide people in my region an alternative to driving to Cairns for their stationery.

This is my passion but also a more focused passion is fountain pens.  I love the way they write and the inks that I can have in them that are so out of the ordinary its amazing.  I think these pens have fallen out of fashion because people believe they are too expensive and they leak.  I aim here to dispel these theories with a range of products and education.

My vision is to supply "out of the ordinary" stationery to FNQ.

Please feel free to contact me via email at or the contact page.

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