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Why you need a Pilot MR Retro Pop fountain pen

Pilot MR3 Metropolitan

When it comes to entry level fountain pens I love the Pilot MR Retro Pop collection . I have set this post out as a pros and cons post so that its easy to read. My main reasons for loving this pen are the following:


  • Comes in a range of beautiful colours
  • The body of the pen is brass construction 
  • It is engrave-able and is a great gift
  • Lightweight at 26 grams
  • Measures 13.5cm capped, 12.5 uncapped and 15.5cms posted.
  • Comes with a steel nib
  • Writes really well with very little pressure required and no skipping or hard starts
  • Comes with a squeeze converter, where most other entry level fountain pens you have to buy a converter separately.  It also fits cartridges and the con-40 converter
  • The price is very good at $40.45
  • Easy to fill and use

As with anything there are a few negative or neutral points.


  • Neither the squeeze converter or the con-40 hold very much ink so plan on refilling regularly. I just use the squeeze converter in my MR3 as I don't find much difference in the ink capacity of either.
  • The section that your fingers hold when writing is a fair bit smaller than the rest of the body of the pen.  I don't find this to be a problem but some do.
  • The nib size, compared to other brands, is finer. I have compared writing of the MR3 medium nib and the lamy safari medium nib and the MR3's lines are finer.

Altogether I like this Pilot MR Retro Pop fountain pen and recommend it as an entry-level pen, but as with everything some people pros may be another persons cons.  Buy HERE

Please feel free to comment on this post or send me an email at if you want more information.

Pilot MR3 Metropolitan Violet

Lee Saul

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