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Tips to improve your handwriting

These days typing seems to be more common than handwriting, but if you want to improve your handwriting here are a few tips for you.
  1. Find inspiration on what you want your handwriting to look like.  I suggest going to Instagram and using the hashtag #handwriting for inspiration.

  2. Find the right pen or pencil for you.  Something your comfortable with or mix it up and try something different like a fountain pen.  I find that pens that have more liquid inks such as gel pens or fountain pens are the best for me as I don’t need to use too much pressure to get them to write.  Using too much pressure on your page can lead to hand cramps.  My favourite pens are the Pilot Kakuno and MR3 fountain pens and you can find them here.

  3. Get some good quality paper as this can make a difference to how the pen moves or flows.  I like Rhodia Dotpad 18 as there are no lines just dots for guidance, but experiment with different paper to find your favourite.  You can find Rhodia Dotpad 18 here

  4. Put a pad of paper underneath the paper you are writing on for some cushioning.  Try this and feel the difference.

  5. Try holding your pen differently.  Have a look at this basic guide on how

  6. Experiment with tilting your paper and see how this changes the way your letters appear.

  7. So now you have your basic setup you can write this sentence in your normal handwriting.  The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This sentence has all the letters of the alphabet in it so you can now analyse your handwriting and decide what you want to improve about it.  I recommend circling each element or letter that you don't like and then practice how you would like it to look until it is second nature to you. Start very slowly and purposely and then work up to a normal speed as it gets better.

  8. When you start practicing your handwriting it's a good idea to only work for 10 or 15 minutes otherwise you may get bored or frustrated.  The only way you will get better is with practice so do write everyday to see results.

  9. If you want something different to practice there is thousands of websites that have free handwriting practise sheets you can download.  This one is directed at kids but it doesn’t make it any less useful .  

  10. With your handwriting you are aiming for consistency and uniformity.  This is where graph paper can help in making sure your letter are the size you want with the right spacing in between words.  Consistency and uniformity have to be developed through writing slowly until you get the hang of the style, work on speed down the track.

  11. If you still find you don’t like how your writing appears try slanting the letters one way or the other for a different look.  If you are printing, try cursive writing and see if you like the way this style looks better.
In the end writing is all about practise and experimentation with equipment and style.  There is no right or wrong but there is plenty of room for trial and error.
Lee Saul

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