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Why you need a Pilot MR Retro Pop fountain pen

When it comes to entry level fountain pens I love the Pilot MR Retro Pop collection . I have set this post out as a pros and cons post so that its easy to read. 
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Video of Pilot Kakuno and MR3

Hi All,  This is just a short post to share with you my latest youtube video about the Pilot Kakuno and MR3 fountain pens.  These pens are great beginners pens.  I hope you enjoy it and you will have to excuse my inky hands I was clumsy with my ink bottle this morning, I promise you don't have to get ink all over yourself to use a fountain pen.  To buy these pens look here


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5 Reasons to try fountain pens

Why should you try fountain pens you ask?  Here are some reasons that I have come up with.
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Getting started with your new fountain pen

Here is a video of how to set up your new fountain pen, for beginners.  

To buy the Pilot Kakuno from this video go HERE


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