A short review of the O-Check Supernova Notebook

O-Check Supernova notebook

The O-Check Design Graphics Supernova notebook is not a notebook you see everyday. From its beautiful colours to the unique page layout I love these notebooks and use them in my A5 travellers notebooks all the time.  

O-Check Design Graphics was established in 2000 in Seoul, South Korea and quickly developed a reputation for stationery that is both beautiful and functional. Derived from the Korean word 'gongcheck', which translates to a book with nothing inside, the name O-Check captures the essence of its notebooks - items which upon creation are empty, but come alive when filled with words, thoughts, feelings and drawings.

The book comes in 4 different colours, wine, blue, yellow and green. The notebook I used for this review is blue . The cover is a beautiful gradient blue coloured cardboard cover that is thick without being too thick or flimsy.  Inside the paper is a lovely cream recycled paper that is very smooth especially for recycled paper. Each page is divided into 3 horizontal sections which I found confusing at first but I’ve found many uses for this page layout; meal tracker, social media post tracker and daily planner.


ink test back of ink test


I tested 4 different pens on this notebook.  Firstly the Faber-Castell PITT brush pen, it showed no feathering and barely any ghosting on the other side.  Then the Tombow brush pen that also didn’t show any feathering but bled through to the other side badly. The Staedtler triplus fineliner showed no feathering and no ghosting or bleed through.  The final pen I tried was a Pilot Custom 74 fountain pen, this didn’t feather but bled through similarly to the tombow brush pen. So I can say from this test that the paper doesn’t hold up to pens that have very wet inks or lay down very wet lines. But if you are using a normal ballpoint, gel or fine liner the paper is perfect for you.

All in all I think that this is a great everyday notebook that is customisable in numerous ways and as long as you aren’t using very wet pens it is a useful addition to any stationery collection.

Lee Saul

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