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The Conklin Duragraph

I hope you find my thoughts on this pen collection helpful in choosing whether you want to try it or not.

The Duragraph model was launched in 1923 in Toledo Ohio.  The creator, Roy Conklin created the first self filling fountain pen which became a favourite of Mark Twain.  

The model Duragraph was named by combining the words durable and graph.  Crafted in gorgeous handmade resins, the new Duragraph is comfortable in the hand. The rich marbled barrel topped with a solid black or matching resin cap pays tribute to the pens of yesteryear. The Duragraph cap top is stamped with the Conklin logo the band is engraved with the famous Duragraph script font and three Crescents.

A review from a Duragraph owner;

I found the Duragraph to be a lovely pen.The material is warm and lovely, with an almost tortoiseshell feel to it. It seems almost as if the material is in motion. Plus, the resin is partially translucent, which results in a nice effect.


Lee Saul

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