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Product Spotlight - Monteverde Toolpen

Product Spotlight - Monteverde Toolpen


I have been using this pen for 2 days now and I do really like it.  I am in no way a handywomen but I have used the features to my capabilities and found it useful.

Firstly it is a good size for writing with and has a nice weight at approximately 30 grams.  It is very smooth and well balanced to write with in the ballpoint version which is what I used for my review.  It does come in a pencil, fountain pen and ink ball too but I only stock the ballpoints at the moment.

The tools on the pen have been useful for me as I am always looking for a ruler and this is perfect for my needs, though I have no use for the scaled rulers of 1/300m and 1/200m, the other two are centimetres and inchs and those I use.  On another of the 6 sides there is a spirit level that I checked its capabilities against a real spirit level and it seems to be correct though again I don't have a use for it.  Then there is the stylus, I was dubious about this because I have never found a stylus that works well, but this one actually does work well for selecting and scrolling so this I like.  Underneath the stylus is the screwdrivers, phillips and flatblade, these aren't very big but are a good size for adjusting glasses or unscrewing battery covers from toys etc. Finally the pen clip is a very sturdy spring clip that won't let go of material very easily so hopefully wont fall out of pockets.

I can't find any faults with this pen, other than it wont be useful for everybody but I can see application for it for any tradesperson or handyman/woman.  It would be a good gift to these type of people.  

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toolpen ruler view spirit level view

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