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Pilot Petit Pens

Pilot Petit Review

Pilot Petit Colours

I have been looking forward to being able to stock the Pilot Petit pens for awhile now, so when I was told we could get them in Australia I jumped at the chance. I have to say I’m not regretting it, they are just great and very cute. In Australia I can get the Petit1 and Petit3, I don’t know why we can’t stock the Petit2 which is a felt tip pen. They may be small but they don’t lack quality. 

The petit1 is a fountain pen and the petit3 is a fude or brush pen. Both of these pens use the same ink cartridge that is made for this line of pen, though the pen is able to be turned into an eyedropper style of pen where you can use your own ink. The pen itself is about 10.5 cm long with the lid capped, with the lid posted onto the end they measure about 13cms. I recommend using the pens posted as otherwise they are just a little bit too short for your hand.  The lid gives a satisfying click when put in place and seems to offer a decent airtight seal. This means that the pens aren’t hard to start after being left for a couple of days.

unposted pilot petit

The Pens come in 8 different body and ink colours that you can mix and match:

  • Apple Green
  • Baby Pink
  • Blue Black
  • Black
  • Clear Blue
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Apricot Orange

Each pen comes with an ink cartridge that is very easy to install. Refills are available and are compatible across all pen types. The ink is water-based and smudge-free.

The Petit1

Pilot Petit1 posted

The petit1 pen reminds me a little of a small platinum preppy fountain pen. This I am basing total on feel, the plastic feels the same and the nib on the pen is flat like the preppy. I love the preppy so I feel the same way about these tiny pens. 

The nib on the petit1 comes in one size which is between a japanese medium to fine and is a very smooth writer. I was a bit surprised at this because they are not expensive but they have the quality of a more expensive pen. The pen is totally clear including the feed, so you can see the ink right down to the nib. The feed has a wick inside it to assist the ink to the nib, which works very well as I tested by writing as fast as I could and it didn’t skip a beat.

bottom side of pilot petit1 feed

The Petit3

Pilot petit3 posted


The Petit3 is a fude or brush nib pen. It is made exactly the same as the Petit1 and just has the fude/brush nib. The nib is a hard but flexible felt tip that allows significant line variation. It is very responsive to the pressure you put on the nib, bouncing back effortlessly to its original shape. I enjoy using it and find I can control it better than my Zebra brush mildliners. I think this is because the nib on the Petit3 is actually one piece of brush shaped felt where as other pens have fibers. Like the Petit1 the feed is totally see through and has a felt wick to help keep the ink to the nib


I tested both the pens on cheap printer paper and Tomoe River 52gsm paper. I found that the Petit1 had no feathering on either of the papers and very little shadowing on the printer paper and minimal shadowing on the Tomoe River paper.  There was no total bleed through of the ink across either of the pens and paper.

The Petit3 had a moderate amount of feathering on the printer paper with a small amount of shadowing on the reverse side. There was no feathering on the Tomoe River paper but significant shadowing on the reverse side with no total bleedthrough. It is interesting to note that I had a harder time controlling the stroke with the Petit3 on the printer paper but no problem on the Tomoe River paper. I’m putting this down to the smoothness of the paper fibers.

Printer Paper

Tomoe River 52gsm

printer paper petit test Tomoe River paper test of petit pens
reverse side of printer paper reverse side of tomoe river petit pen test

Overall Conclusion

My overall conclusion of these pocket size pens is that are great for their price and features. I thought originally that the size of them might put me off but with the cap posted they are still a good size and work well. Value for money I believe is good because they are well made, nice to use and I can’t help it they’re cute.

To purchase the Petit1 HERE
To purchase the Petit3 HERE

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