Nuuna "The End to Boring Notebooks"

Nuuna notebooks are made by a German company Brandbook and they promise an end to boring notebooks and boy do they deliver.  I have been using my Nuuna notebook for nearly 3 months and I love it.  This is my notebook after 3 months of use. The name of this model is F*#&ing Bad Ideas

Nuuna notebook

The dimensions of this book are:
16.5cm X 22cm X 2cm approximately.  This is a bit bigger than an A5 size.  Nuuna notebooks are all non standard sizes which may be a problem for some but I find it good as I have more room for my work.

The cover on my journal is a soft cover made from bonded leather with the design screen printed on which feels very nice to touch.  Some other models are made from jeans labeling material.  Either way they are a quality design and above ordinary product.  Other things I love is that Nuuna have coloured the edges of the pages to match the cover and the binding of the books allow them to lay very flat.  

Nuuna notebook edge

Inside is 256 pages of stitched in 120gsm Munken fine paper from Sweden with a subtle grey dot grid.  The dot grid spacing is 3.5mm, this is a bit smaller than the usual 5mm of other journals but I have had no problem adjusting to it. The paper is fountain pen friendly but depending on what pen I am using I can sometimes get ghosting of the ink.  Ghosting is when you can see the writing from the other side of the page a bit like a shadow.  It hasn't bled through to the other side, you can just see the shadow of it. I have also not experienced any feathering of my writing with fountain pens even when using a broad nib to do zentangles.

Nuuna zentangle demo

See below for a test of various pens in my Nuuna.  The only one that bled was the Tombow brush marker. I don't know why it has only happened with this pen and not the crayola super tips and frixion pens as I used the same techniques with all three pens.

nuuna pen test nuuna pen test other side


 For me these are the perfect journals and I'm sticking to them, though they may not be for everyone because of their non standard designs.  But if your looking for a high quality journal or notebook that is not boring these are your journals.

Lee Saul

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