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Nuuna Notebooks

Nuuna Notebooks

Nuuna promises the end to boring books and I think they have achieve this with their range of quality notebooks, they have even won a reddot design award in 2016 for their notebooks. The covers are made from  smooth bonded leather or jean label material and the unique designs are then silk screen printed on for vibrant colours.  The designs are continued on all edges of the book which makes them very eye catching.  The pages of these notebooks are 120g Swedish uncoated premium paper and are thread stitched for a lay flat experience for sketching and other creative endeavours .  They are suitable for fountain pens and also almost all other pens, pencils and markers. All of this leads these notebooks to be robust and durable as well as looking great.

I have been using a Nuuna notebook for the last few weeks as a journal and I also use fountain pens in it with no bleed through to the other size and no feathering of the ink on the right side.  They are a heavier book and the one that I am using "Fucking bad ideas" weighs 620 grams and is an A5 size.  I really like that these books lie flat when your using them and the flex cover is really durable and funky.

This week will be a special on this line of notebooks, so remember to go and join my VIP group on facebook to find out the special first on Sunday.  Don't forget to have a look at the youtube video below to get a better idea of Nuuna notebooks.



Lee Saul

Hi Russell, I hope you like your new pen with the new nib grind. I use broad nib and fines with medium flows with nuuna notebook no problem at all so I am holding high hopes that you wont have a problem with nuuna either. I have never used Fabriano paper so its good to hear feedback on it.

Lee Saul

Dear Lee,I am reading Ryder Carroll on “The Bullet Journal Method”.I have bought a Pelikan Souveran 805 from nibs com,John Mottishaw ground the medium nib to a sharp italic, medium to wet ink flow.I also have a 2019 Bexley Owners Club in the post.This nib is broad and ground to a italic sharp broad. medium ink flow.
I bought a leuchturn 1917 slim to go with with these pens and am extremely disappointed. The Pelikan pen bled through so badly I would be only able to use one side of the pages.I can use my Sailor pro-gear extra fine nib but its not what I want for my journal.
Will your Nuuna notebooks be able to partner with my pens and function like a notebook should. The Pelikan works fine on Rhodia and Fabriano paper. The Fabriano being quite a light paper.l look forward to hearing your thoughts.Regards Russell.

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