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Handwriting resources roundup

Handwriting resources roundup

There is a miriad of writing resources out there and I have seen a lot of them in my quest to improve my handwriting.  This post is about rounding up the most useful that I have found.

Firstly for inspiration on how you want your handwriting to look open Instagram and search for inspiration.  Some tags to start you off:

  • #handwriting
  • #cursive
  • #handwritinglicious
  • #cursivehandwriting
  • #RockYourHandwriting

There are hundreds more but those will link you up to other hashtags to move on to.  I've found that having good examples to work towards really inspires me to work on my skills.

If you want to have an excuse to write everyday then get on instagram again and search @rockyourhandwriting.  This account is all about giving you daily prompts to write about and then uploading your photos under the hashtag #rockyourhandwriting.  I have found this is a fun thing to do and I don't have to think of a reason to write, they give it to me.

This next resource is from the National Adult Literacy Agency in Ireland and its an amazingly comprehensive booklet with everything from warm up exercises to writing drills and lefties advice.  NALA has an excellent set of customisable worksheets where you add the words or phrase you want to practice and then print out the worksheet for practicing.

CreativLei This website is old but it is very comprehensive and in-depth about analysing and even changing your handwriting.  It is the form of a 31 day challenge but go as fast or slow as you want. 

And we can't forget the men, "The art of manliness" wrote a very good article "How and Why to Improve Your Cursive Penmanship" about the history and evolution of handwriting if your inclined to read a bit about handwriting.

 So those are some of the useful resources I have come across for improving your handwriting.  There are more but these ones I have found are more targeted to adults and other I have found are really for kids.  Mind you that's not a bad thing to do some kids drills but it gets kind of boring quickly.  The next post will be about something that I am in the middle of doing.  Taking your handwriting a step further into Hand lettering and Calligraphy.  Anyhow hope you found this post interesting and feel free to leave a comment below.  Happy writing!

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