Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen Review


capped duragraph

**Full disclosure, I got a dud nib with this pen.  I did everything possible to try and adjust it to write well with no success, so the distributor sent me a new nib and feed and it works perfectly now.**

The body of the pen is beautiful, well constructed and comfortable to hold un-posted. It is made from resin so the body of it is nice and light, I think it's far too back heavy with the cap posted though, however someone with larger hands may disagree. The pen is perfect for me and it's a joy to write with.  I really love the Duragraph shape, I don't know how close this Duragraph version is to the original (which I believe was released in the 1930s) but it certainly retains a classic vibe.

Appearance and Design

posted duragraph

 As I've said earlier I find the pen too heavy on the back end to write posted but unposted it is the perfect weight for me.  Not "I'm holding nothing" light or "oh my god" this is heavy, heavy.  As you can see the pen I have is the "Red Nights" model of the Duragraph.  I love this colour, it has depth of colour that is similar to marble and the black cap and end highlight the red beautifully.  The pen clip on the cap is firm and nicely designed to hold the pen in place wherever you choose to clip it and the silver banding on the cap is a nice highlight that adds to the classic vibe of the pen.

Weight and Dimensions

The pens measurements are as follows:

14cm capped and 18cm posted.
Diameter of body is approx. 4cms.
Weighs 26 grams

Nib and Performance

duragraph nib

As I mentioned at the start I got a dud nib with this pen, but the distributor was quick to supply me with a new nib that works perfectly now.  The nib I am using is a medium conklin nib and it is really smooth to use with no scratchiness or feedback.  I am using Rhodia paper though so that will add to the smooth experience.  It isn't an overly wet nib but it performs excellently and doesn't have a problem when starting to write like some fountain pens can do.

Filling System

The Duragraph comes with a standard international screw top converter that holds .86mls.  This is less than a Pilot Con-70 converter but more than the Pilot Con-40 converter that holds .6ml.  It is a very simple system of filling.  Unscrew the section from the barrel, screw the converter into the nib section and put the nib into the ink bottle till the breather hole is covered and then screw the end of the converter to suck up the ink.  If you prefer cartridges the Duragraph accepts any standard international cartridge.


lifes short pen

 This pen is a classically styled good everyday pen even taking into account the dud nib at first. It doesn't weigh a lot for the size of it being 14cms capped and it is a pleasure to use.  All in all I really like it and use it daily.  If you would like to buy it you will find it in my store HERE


Lee Saul

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