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Bullet Journalling Resources

I have recently re-discovered bullet journalling, previously I used pre printed planners and stickers for planning and journalling so its all very new to me.  The purpose of this post is to put all the resources I've found useful in one place so they might help you too.

Firstly I recommend watching the video directly below by Ryder Carroll who is the guy that invented bullet journaling.  Its a useful video as it gives you an overview of how the bullet journal works and what to do to get started.

How to bullet journal by inventor Ryder Carroll



So now you have a general idea on how to bullet journal lets talk about equipment.  I would recommend that you get yourself a dot grid notebook like the Rhodia goal books I have in my store HERE.  The reason I recommend these is because they already have Index pages in the front of them and the pages are numbered.  If they don't take your fancy you can really use any book you want to use as its a very flexible system.

Other equipment I have found useful are Pilot frixion clicker pens for writing and the frixion soft light soft highlighters for highlighting.  This is mainly because they are erasable if you make a mistake, any pen will do though really.  I do use some planner stickers in my bullet journal (bujo) that I have got from various Aussie sellers.  (I will put a link to all of these things at the bottom of this post) They just make it a bit prettier than just black pen and highlighters.  You can also buy online stamps for bujos, most commonly month stamps and different bullet shapes and numbers.  I've found them mostly on etsy but I don't use them.  Lastly you will need a ruler, some people use little short ones, I've just stolen a full size one from my kids and it works fine.

Next I would recommend going and finding some inspiration for your bullet journal.  I go to Instagram where there are hundreds of tags about bujo.  I most often use #bujoinspiration and #bulletjournal.  Some bullet journallers to follow on Instagram are:

  • @bulletjournal - Bullet Journal official account
  • @mabujork - A man who likes to plan.  Minimalist
  • @planningwithkay - Kayla bullet journals with stickers that she sells in her etsy shop HERE

Pinterest is another great resource.  If you want to see what I have saved about bullet journaling go have a look at my bullet journal ideas board or just typing in bullet journal into Pinterest and watch the hundreds of pins appear.

I also use Youtube for inspiration, Plan with Kay is a good one if you want to use stickers.  She is in the U.S but has very reasonable shipping rates.  Another good Youtube account to follow is AmandaRachLee  she has a wide variety of bujo videos as well as other stationery related posts.

 This is a video of Plan with Kay's different styles of Daily Logs.



Minimalist Bullet Journal Set Up by Spencer Pugh (Youtube)  This is a video by a man and how he uses his bullet journal.  


You should definitely go look at the official bullet journal website as it has everything you need to know to get you started with it all.

The following link takes you to a blog post about different list ideas for your bujo, I've found this blog post to be very helpful in creating collections.


Equipment I use


So thats it for this post, I hope that it has given you some ideas for your bullet journaling and don't forget to have fun.  If it becomes a chore you wont want to keep it up. 

Lee Saul

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