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Nuuna Notebook Review

Nuuna notebooks are made by a Germany company Brandbook and they promise and end to boring notebooks and boy do they deliver.  I have been using my Nuuna notebook for nearly 3 months and I love it.  This is my notebook after 3 months of use. The name of this model is F*#&ing Bad Ideas
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6 Reasons to try fountain pens

6 Reasons to try fountain pens

I love fountain pens, they are so much better than boring old ballpoints and gel pens. Why should you try fountain pens you ask?  These are the most popular reasons why.
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Getting started with your new fountain pen

Here is a video of how to set up your new fountain pen, for beginners.  I have used a Pilot Kakuno in this demonstration but most fountain pens work similarly.

The Pilot Kakuno is such a great user friendly pen for beginners or seasoned users. I always have one with me.



To see how to install cartridges into your fountain pen and get them working see this post.  How to install an ink cartridge in a Pilot MR fountain pen

To buy the Pilot Kakuno from this video go HERE

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5 Benefits of Journaling and How to Do It

Journaling either as a daily ritual or when your feeling stressed has been shown to have many benefits. It can help calm and clear your mind and help you deal with any negative or anxious thoughts. It can help you release and let go of any stress you’ve experienced throughout the day, and it can even help you to become more aware of what you struggle with each day.
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Pilot Petit Pens

Pilot Petit Review

I have been looking forward to being able to stock the Pilot Petit pens for awhile now, so when I was told we could get them in Australia I jumped at the chance.
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The Beginners Guide to Learning Modern Calligraphy

I recently decided to learn pointed pen or modern calligraphy and have been admiring the beautiful work I saw on instagram for awhile. So when I decided to start stocking calligraphy and lettering kits I thought this is the right time to get into it.  I love the beautiful flowing scripts and the line width variation fascinated me.
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ADHD bullet journal

How to Organise with an ADHD Friendly Bullet Journal

We have a new blog post over at Bujo Love with some tips to customising your bullet journal or any type of journal if you have ADHD.

Check it out HERE

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Why you need a Pilot MR Retro Pop fountain pen

When it comes to entry level fountain pens I love the Pilot MR Retro Pop collection . I have set this post out as a pros and cons post so that its easy to read. 
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Bujo Love

I have a love for bullet journaling and have recently started a blog about the method. I would love it if you would go and look at it if your interested. It is called Bujo Love
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How to get more organised using a blank notebook

I have in the last 2 years started using a paper based diary instead of an electronic diary.  I do this firstly because its very easy to just click snooze on things that pop up on your electronic diary and I was the queen of it.  Secondly having a paper planner sitting on my desk with my list of things to be ticked off is more satisfying for me and there is actually research saying that ticking things off a list gives you a dopamine hit, and who doesn’t love dopamine huh? Finally there is also research that shows that writing things down instead of typing actually helps you commit things to your memory better.
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Terms commonly used when talking about fountain pens

This blog post is actually a copy of a page I already have written but I thought you all might be able to find it easier if it was a blog post.

I was recently advised by my husband that he had no clue about the parts of a fountain pen and he suggested I include a page about it on my site.  So here it is.

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Rhodia Goal Book Walk Through

The Rhodia Goal Book has a head start in the bullet journal field of players in my opinion.  This is because it is made with Clairefontaine 90 gsm ivory brushed vellum paper and in my eyes has a very clear advantage because of this.  This paper works well with just about any pen.  
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