My name is Lee and I am the owner of Pens Paper Ink.  I live in Mareeba Queensland Australia.  Mareeba is a regional town an hours drive from Cairns and is a quiet beautiful place to have a family. We have a half acre block on the outskirts of town where we have a menagerie of animals.

My hobbies are Calligraphy and Planning / Bullet journaling. I just love stationery!

I have a Certificate 3 in Information Technology and a yet to be finished economics degree.  I have had a few jobs, the longest so far was being a Jillaroo.  I worked in banks, insurance agencies, banana farming and I owned a business washing dogs.  So I have done a lot but stationery has always been an obsession.

I got started in my business because I got sick and lost my job with an insurance agency.  Once I got better I thought that this was the opportunity to start working for myself with something I’m passionate about.  I love stationery and find it frustrating to find unusual even faintly different stationery in my area, so what better to do than source it and supply it to others.

I am open to suggestions for products to stock or blog posts to write if you’d like to learn more about something stationery related. [email protected]