Getting started with modern calligraphy

I recently decided to learn pointed pen or modern calligraphy.  I had been admiring the beautiful work I see on instagram for awhile and when I decided to start stocking calligraphy and lettering kits I thought this is the right time to get into it.  I use the Manuscript Oblique Modern Calligraphy Set.   The oblique set is designed with right handers in mind as it makes it easier for you to get the nib to a 55 degree angle to the paper that you need with a lot of modern calligraphy alphabets.  Left handers don't need an oblique pen holder really as what you are trying to achieve is a 55 degree slant on the letters and come at your writing from the left hand makes it a lot easier.
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Terms commonly used when talking about fountain pens

This blog post is actually a copy of a page I already have written but I thought you all might be able to find it easier if it was a blog post.

I was recently advised by my husband that he had no clue about the parts of a fountain pen and he suggested I include a page about it on my site.  So here it is.

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Rhodia Goal Book Walk Through

The Rhodia Goal Book has a head start in the bullet journal field of players in my opinion.  This is because it is made with Clairefontaine 90 gsm ivory brushed vellum paper and in my eyes has a very clear advantage because of this.  This paper works well with just about any pen.  
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